5 Things To Take To Antarctica




Antarctica is a true land of dreams and something that you probably read about in a Antarctica school project, but the reality is that now you have your cruise ship across the Drake Passage booked , but what should you bring? This is a really good question that I will try to answer in this short blog post. So read on to find out the best things to take to Antarctica.

antarctica clothes


This is of course the number one thing to take on a trip to the end of the earth and you should pay particular attention to what you bring. The best idea is certainly to layer your clothing to deal with the weather and because tours of Antarctica are conducted in the summer months the temperature can vary quite significantly. This is usually anywhere between negative 15 degrees Celsius to 15 degrees Celsius. As a result you need to have thinner layers to help you to deal with all kinds of weather.

Clothing is also important if you are leaving your cruise ship or go on a zodiac boat tour, where it can get ever colder as you are closer to the water and ice.

Sun protection

Some good sunglasses are a must have when travelling in the deep deep south. Snow blindness can be a real problem and the sun can shine for up to 20 hours a day in Antarctica, this makes it crucial to have sunglasses, a hat and even sunscreen! The ozone layer is also thinner above Antarctica and the UV can be much harsher than what you are used to.


Travelling on a boat for a long time can make you seasick or nauseous, therefore it is important to pack some medication to fight this. This is really something that you do not want to leave at home, because these things won’t kill you but will make your trip extremely unpleasant.

A good backpack

There is no question that a good backpack can be crucial for protecting your belongings in some of the harshest conditions on earth. This is particularly the case when you are going on a Zodiac tour and you will certainly be much closer to the water and ice. A waterproof backpack can be so valuable for protecting your camera, clothing and other important belongings.

penguin camera


Documenting your once in a lifetime trip should be at the top of your list in terms of your packing list, therefore it is important to bring a good camera and binoculars. There really won’t be any shortage of things to take photos of in one of the most beautiful places in the world and a pair of binoculars will help you to see things like whales or penguins which may not be so close. Bringing an extra memory card for your camera can also be useful, especially because I will guarantee that you will take perhaps triple the number of photos that you expect to take before you go!