The Benefits of Taking a British Holiday in 2019



Brits tourism may have seen a spike shortly after the 2008 financial crisis whereby people could only afford to stay in a Cornwall holiday park as opposed to a small Greek island but unfortunately once again it has seen a decline in numbers. What always surprises me about this is that we have some absolutely breathtaking locations around the British Isles which may not have the weather at all times, but are more than worth spending some time in. Our favorite spot is Cornwall and each year we’ll look out for deals on campsites in Cornwall or alternatively stay in holiday parks in Cornwall and the entire family absolutely love it.  If you decide to take a holiday within the UK in 2019, here are the benefits that you can expect.

To follow up with what we spoke about in the intro the British tourism figures are declining and in taking a holiday on UK soil would greatly help out. It isn’t just hotel owners who rely on tropism but also the restaurants, local shops, amusement parks, arcades, zoos and a wide range of companies who offer activities. Stay local and you will really be doing your bit.


Whilst it isn’t always the case a UK holiday will cost significantly less than a foreign jaunt and the money that you save can be used for another British holiday later in the year, or on splashing out a bit more on your accommodation or the activities which you pursue. You can fly within the British Isles without it costing the Earth and if you are going in a group such as in a family, there is noting wrong at all with turning it into a road trip, where you’ll only have to pay for the fuel to take the family and all of your gear.


If you elect to take a British holiday and go somewhere that you have never been before you will be able to further explore this remarkable island of ours. From the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands, the Cornish coast to the Yorkshire Moors this is a country which is filled with stunning natural beauty and it is criminal that more people aren’t aware of it. Drink in the beauty of your own country and who knows, you may even learn a little about it too.


Given the fact that everyone speaks your language and that everything is extremely familiar to you, this can really help the holiday to run that bit smoother. There will be no complications over the car rental price or a restaurant bill, no picking up the wrong thing in the supermarket and no confusion over how much the local bus will cost. A UK holiday will give you a new adventure, with some familiarity added in for good measure, the perfect combination.

If you happen to be going to Cornwall, this is the holiday park that I’d most recommend.

Perran Springs Holiday Park