Essential Travel Tips: Greece

Essential Travel Tips- Greece

I have forgotten the number of times that I have been to Greece, as a kid my parent would always take the whole family there for our summer holidays. I do know that we always went to a different place, that is testament to just how great Greece is as a location for a holiday. Holidays to Greece are always popular with families because there are so many things to see and do that will keep kids of any age entertained. The tourist industry has been so well refined over the years that they have nailed it perfectly, so I suggest that you head over there on your next holiday with your family. You definitely will not be disappointed and I am sure that, as my family did, you will keep going back each year for more.

Messonghi resort

If you have teenagers then you can turn the holiday into an educational experience as well as a beach holiday, Greece is often seen as the place where civilisation began so there are are countless historical sites for you to visit. I think it is always a great idea for teenagers to learn and understand the history of the country where they are visiting, travelling is about having fun but it’s ask about experiencing different cultures and learning about the past. Do some research before you go and ask your kids about their interests¬† before you confirm you destination in Greece, if you give your kids some input then they will not only have a much more fun time it also gives them the sense that they are growing up and being given more responsibility – perfect!

Here are some great travel tips for Greece to make sure that you holiday goes as smoothly as possible and that you save money where you can.

Book Early

You should always try to book your flights as soon as possible, the sooner you book your airline tickets the cheaper they will be – this is a fact! You should also consider the best months to look for tickets. The best time to get great deals is during January & February, because during these months the travel industry is slow so companies are always trying to entice people to book.


Check the rates before you leave because it may be worth your while changing your money when you arrive in Greece. You do not have to worry about bringing all of your spending money in cash with you because there are ATMs everywhere. A good idea is to contact your bank and ask them how much it will cost you to make withdrawals, if it’s too high then you should consider switching banks to a better account if you travel a lot.

Book with the right people

When you go to Greece it is a great idea to book your accommodation through a reputable company. If there are any issues or cancellations it is great to be able to pick up the phone and call someone that will help you solve the problem. If you do it yourself through the hotel and the booking goes wrong you might have a lot of difficulty rectifying the problem – it might cost a tiny bit more but I always like to book through a company that has a great customer service record.