Great tips for driving your rental at night in New Zealand

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Most drivers are used to driving at night, that’s pretty safe to say. What’s not safe to say is that driving in the dark makes driving easier. You need to choose your vehicle carefully and make sure it’s one that you feel confident to handle, whether you’re driving at day or night. Here are two good companies that offer a wide range of vehicles which makes it easier to choose the perfect one:

Caravans New Zealand – Wilderness have a great selection of camper vans and caravans, they will find one that suits your needs.

Auckland Car hire – Snap Car Rental in Auckland has a great fleet to choose from, you’re sure to find a car you feel comfortable with here.

Here are some very handy tips to consider when driving at night in New Zealand, it will make driving that bit easier and safer.

1) Remember what you have learnt

When you drive in another country it is good to remember what you learnt when you first started driving. You should recall important lessons such as; driving at night, getting acquainted with a new vehicle and the rules of the road are more than likely to going to pose a challenger when you first rive in New Zealand.

2) Dealing with the headlights of oncoming traffic

Most drivers will tell you that one of the biggest problems when driving at night is other people’s headlights, this is certainly the case when they have forgotten to turn them off from full beam. A good tip to try and deal with this issue is to keep your eyes on the white line on the left hand side of the road and follow that.

3) Keep your windscreen clean

A smudged windscreen can certainly impair your vision and ability to see clearly. Your rental company will almost always have given you a vehicle with a clean windscreen, but when you’re travelling on a long journey it has a habit of getting dirty! Things such as cotton or even a newspaper will hep you to get rid of any smudges and therefore make driving in the dark easier.

4) Check your mirrors

It is a good idea to sometimes change the angle/positioning of your mirrors. If someone is following behind you make sure that your mirrors are not positioned in such a way that the car lights will reflect in to your eyes. You should also keep the mirrors as cleaned and as smudge free as possible!

5) Remember to be well rested, when driving at night it is easier for people to feel tired. If you do feel tired don’t wait too long to take a rest, take a rest as soon as you can because there’s no need to take any chances – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6) At night time it is advisable to leave more of a space then you usually would between you and the car in front. Reactions ties can be delayed at night, this extra distance will buy you more time to react.

Obviously the above four tips are related specifically to driving at night, there are a lot of ways that you can make sure your driving at daytime is safer also.