Are you hoping to work abroad this year?

So, you are hoping to work abroad this year? Whether you are signing up for one of the remote year programs that cover your room and board, or you are putting together your own program, you are going to need one piece of equipment no matter what. If you are hoping to keep your current job and stay employed full time, you will need a compact, powerful, sturdy laptop that will travel along with you.


Get yourself an HP laptop and you will not regret it. My last trip, I was using a seven year-old HP laptop that lasted a four-day multi-bus ride from Los Angeles to Cancun. We moved apartments twice, worked from the beach, stayed in Mexico City, and flew back to San Francisco. And guess what computer I am typing this article from?


The best brand on the market right now is HP, and there are a number of reasons for that. You are going to want a computer that is compatible with the majority of the world. Most people still use PCs, and although you are hoping to avoid any computer issues, things do happen. If you have to take your computer into a repair shop while living abroad, you will already need to overcome a language barrier. You do not want to compound that issue with having a computer that does not speak the local language either!


HP is also affordable. We do not like to think about it, but when you are traveling, things can go wrong. Theft, damaged bags, lost items, all of these things do happen when you are traveling. If you want the perfect computer for traveling abroad, you obviously are not going to bring a desktop. Likewise, don’t invest in a computer any more fancy than you need to get your job done successfully. We aren’t saying to buy cheap stuff either- you want durable, up to date, and powerful. But you want an affordable laptop that you aren’t going to feel terrible if it is stolen, dropped, or suffers one too many bounces on the open road or ferry ride.