Places You Need To Explore In The Bahamas



The Bahamas is one of the most special places in all of the Caribbean and this coral based archipelago is home to over 700 islands and cays. You may have heard a bit about it, but today I want to whet your appetite and convince you that this is the holiday destination that you need to go to. Not only is it perfect for luxury Caribbean vacations, but also for the amazing places that you can explore too, here are some of my favourites.


Android is the largest of all the inhabited islands in the Bahamas and is home to the most blue holes in one area on the planet! It is home to fascinating marine life and ecosystems, such as the Andros Barrier Reef. Strangely enough the island is also home to the only freshwater river in the Bahamas, which is a little hard to imagine but fascinating nonetheless. This is the ideal place to go snorkelling or scuba diving, especially with the barrier reef. Here you can see various tropical fish, coral and other marine life, and it is like an explosion of colour that you are sure to enjoy.

Harbor Island

This island is very famous for the kilometres of pink sand beaches that line its shores (these have to be seen to be believed) and also the amazingly clear water. This is the ideal place for diving, boating, fishing, swimming and snorkelling. The island is also well known for some of the best restaurants in all of the Bahamas, so if you do get a chance to eat here, make sure you lap it all up! My tip would of course be anything to do with seafood, as it is super fresh here.


This is the perfect place that draws many people for the amazing sights you can see whilst snorkelling. The highlight is of course the black coral gardens which are exactly as they sound a huge garden of black coral. There is also a giant blue hole here that looks as though it could go directly to the centre of the earth. As well as this there is a strange formation of flat rocks to marvel over too and there are many myths and legends about what these rocks represent! There are also some very unique animal species that come directly from this place such as the Bimini Boa and the Bimini Ameiva. It is also possible to see the Smalltooth sawfish, which is actually critically endangered and on the brink of extinction!

Dean’s Blue Hole

This is the second deepest underwater (salt water) sinkhole on earth and this is clearly a great reason to visit. At a depth of about 200 metres, the sight of it is just incredible to see especially with it’s circular surface that is about 30 metres in diameter. The hole itself widens to about 100 metres and it has an incredibly deep blue colour that stands out against the surrounding turquoise water, which is much shallower.