The Coastline of St. Ives

The Coastline of St. Ives

One of the coolest coastlines in the world is in St. Ives. The cliffs are magnificent and when the water crashes into them it creates a serene and awesome feeling. There are a few different ways to enjoy the coastline and things you can do on it. This is something that should without a doubt be on everyone’s bucket list.

Walk the Coast

Many of the towns in the St. Ives area are accessible by walking from one to the other along the coast. While some of these walks may be long they are well worth it. The sites at every turn and every stretch of land possess a beauty better than the last.

Catch a Sunset

Watching the sunset is something that is special everywhere you go and every time you see it.  The cliffs and coastline at St. Ives has one of the best set-ups for a sunset. When the sun gets to be that orange and red color and begins to dip behind the water you want to be somewhere you’ll remember it. It won’t get much more memorable than if you’re sitting on the cliffs.

See a Play

If you can make your way out to the Minnack theatre you can see a play right on the cliffs. This theatre is old and has one of the best backdrops for a play ever.


This is one of the more exciting ways to see the coastline. You can have a guide take you down the coast by jumping off of cliffs, swimming to a new part and climbing back up the cliffs just to do it all again. This is also a good way to see some of the lagoons and natural pools that are hidden within the rocks of the coast.

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