Travel Tips for Majorca


Majorca is simply great if you are looking for a sun soaked holiday in Spain, I know must of us are! With the weather being so bad back home there has never been a better time to start planning your holiday in the sun this year. Majorca holidays with Direct Holidays come very highly recommend, these guys do everything they can to make sure that you get a great deal on your holiday so that you have more money to spend when you are there! Here are some top tips for those of you that are thinking about your holiday to Majorca, hopefully some of you have already booked.

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Where to stay

Majorca is an island, so you may be surprised when I tell you that this island has over one thousand and two hundred hotels and apartments for you to choose from. The great thing about the place is that you can find accommodation what ever your budget may be. There is everything from five star luxury to backpacker accommodation in this beautiful island. If you are staying quite a way outside of the town center then be sure to check with your hotel that they offer a free shuttle service, if they do not it might be worth considering booking a hotel that is closer to the town, even if you have to pay a little more it will be worth it.


If you need to change money then you should know that the banks do not have the same opening hours as back home in the UK, the banks are open from 9am through to 2pm every week day. If you are changing up some money then the banks will require you to provide a from of identification, make sure you bring your passport along with you or you will be trekking all the way back to the hotel. If the banks are closed and you are stuck then you will be able to exchange your money at most large hotels, yes the rates are not as good but it’s a good option in an emergency. ATMs will be absolutely everywhere you go, so you don’t have to travel with lots of cash on your person.


This is one thing that Majorca does very well indeed! They have all sorts of bars for you to enjoy, from quiet beachside bars to bars where you will find football fans cheering at the television watching their favourite teams at the weekend. There is always live music, so if you fancy dancing the night away I am sure you will find it on your holiday. Enjoy!