Unseen and serene Cyprus



If you’re planning a quiet holiday and haven’t considered Cyprus because of its bustling resort towns, worry not – there is a whole host of quiet attractions under the radar of this splendid island, many of which offer just the serene and isolated atmosphere you are looking for – particularly if you’ve got romance on the mind. It would be a crime to write off Cyprus on the basis that it’s simply too touristy. Get away from the crowds by visiting some of the inspiring locations below – and after you’ve finished reading up on them, don’t forget to book your flights at this link here. For now, just enjoy visualising Cyprus: serene and unseen.



Omodos village

A short drive from Limassol will take you to the picturesque village of Omodos. Located in the very heart of the wine-growing community, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to taste the national vintages and wander around its quiet streets. As well as excellent food courtesy of the little bakery, there are also several restaurants where you can sample traditional Cypriot cuisine, but perhaps the most fantastic aspect is the village’s remote feeling. Looking out over the glorious countryside, it’s possible to believe you’re the only person on the island.

Kykkos Monastery

Situated 20 kilometres west of Pedoulas, Kykkos Monastery is known for its long history. There has been a religious building here since the 11th century, although it has burned to the ground so many times since then that there is nothing left of the original monastery. While it is possibly the best-known building of its kind on the island, you wouldn’t know it as few people choose to make it a priority while holidaying in Cyprus. More fool them – its labyrinth-like passageways, glorious architecture and intricate mosaics are enough to stun any art lover into silence. Surrounded as it is by forests and mountains, the natural scenery is also something of a draw.

Olympus National Park

Mount Olympus and the surrounding area are protected by the government as Olympus National Park. The mountain itself is a veritable playground for hikers and rock climbers, but you don’t have to go particularly high to get a sense of wilderness. Wander along the paths or climb the surrounding hills in search of orchids and other rare flowers as you saunter your way through this spectacular paradise. Keep an eye out for wildlife, such as the endemic Cypriot Mouflon, a four-legged beast that is characterised by its horns that twist back on themselves over the creature’s elegant neck. You may also stumble upon an ancient Byzantine church or chapel during your wanderings. Profitis Ilias is of particular interest, being the highest chapel in the Balkans.

Now you know the best go-to places for a serene environment, there really is nothing to stop you booking a holiday on Cyprus. The island has an abundance of natural beauty to offer, superb coastlines and gorgeous beaches. If you find yourself at a loose end, you only have to explore in order to find somewhere quiet.