Visiting The Last Continent On Earth: Antarctica



Not many people get the chance to visit Antarctica and many people probably don’t even consider it an option to travel. I however did consider it and was lucky enough to finally go, which I would recommend to anyone. I decided to make this guide about how to get to Antarctica

What to expect

When thinking about how to get to Antarctica, you need to be prepared for some realistic expectations. Visits to the content are centred around coastal zones that are reachable by ship. This can only really occur during the summer months, this is between November and March. Cruise ships will, as a rule, not travel outside of these months as there is a serious risk that they could otherwise be forced to stay there due to the thick or thickening pack ice. At the most you can expect over 20 hours of daylight at the high points of summer. This is incredible for a non-stop viewing experience.

Travel to Antarctica outside of these times is just not possible with the constant darkness and thickening of the ice that makes the content considerably increase in size.

How to get there

The best and most convenient option for getting to Antarctica is by taking a cruise ship and this will most likely be from somewhere in South America and across the Drake Passage, which is the body of water between South America and Antarctica.

What to expect during the summer months


  • November to December


      • Penguins and other birds begin to mate, which can be very interesting to see
      • Seals are able to be seen and elephant and fur seals seek places to breed
      • The pack ice is breaking up from the winter that has just passed. The landscape could be described as pristine and it is arguable that Antarctica looks its best during this time as it is the closest to what it will look like in the winter months


  • The middle of December and January


      • These are generally the warmest months on the continent and this naturally means the best weather for photography. This is due to the especially good lighting conditions
      • The penguin chicks begin to hatch and it is a great sight to see
      • The ice has further thinned and it is now possible for cruise ships to better explore the Antarctic coastline
      • It may be possible to see seal pups


  • February to March


    • The weather starts to get colder
    • This is the ideal time to see whales and they are most visible during these months
    • Penguin chicks are now roaming freely, but the penguin colonies begin to be vacated and most are gone by March
    • Seals are more visible at this point
    • It is also possible to see snow algae during these months, as this is when it blooms